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Unifrax manufactures several products that are currently used in appliance related applications. Unifrax blankets, fibers, and papers/felts have been proven in several applications, such as:
•Boiler combustion chambers
•Pizza Ovens
•Residential Ovens
•Deep Fryers
•Camp Stoves
•Hearth Products
•Fireplace Logs
•Fireplace Panels
•Fireplace Coals

Unifrax blankets are typically used in high temperature ovens to provide insulation in regular and self-cleaning ovens which operate at high temperatures.
Unifrax fibers are used as the raw material for vacuum cast shapes used in oil and gas boiler combustion chambers and various hearth products as listed above.
Unifrax papers and felts are often die cut to formhigh temperature gaskets for use in camp stoves and other applications which require high temperature gasketing materials.

    Products That Make It Work

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