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Introducing Foamfrax™

New Foamfrax™ Insulation offers exceptional energy savings, installation speed and lining performance for upgrades of existing fiber linings, lining over refractory, and furnace lining patches or refits. It can be gunned directly onto metal, refractory of fiber surfaces and installed at rates in excess of 1,000 board feet/hour, dramatically reducing downtime. Foamfrax Insulation has demonstrated a substantial improvement in thermal performance, saving thousands of dollars in energy costs when installed over existing refractory surfaces.

Advanced high temperature technology for furnace lining applications.

Foamfrax Insulation’s patented foam/fiber mixture forms an interlocking network of fibers that creates a monolithic structure with excellent thermal insulating properties, low heat storage and excellent resistance to thermal shock and chemical attack.
So when you get tired of paying high energy bills-relax, and contact us for the name of the Unifrax distributor nearest you.